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Meet Laura

Laura Trevey is a “full of life” positive thinking watercolor artist and entrepreneur inspiring the hearts of many.  With her colorful palette, Laura uses her artistic expertise to bring her happy and vibrant watercolor designs to life. She uses the joy that art evokes to make everyday life a little brighter, bolder and more beautiful. 

Laura started painting after her three children were born and she still enjoys learning new techniques and perfecting her skills 20 years later. “Watercolor is truly magical. I love to watch the colors blend and run on the paper. You never know what you will end up with and the happy accidents are actually the best!” 

Her colorful watercolors are inspired by her love of the ocean and “all things coastal”. She and her husband spread their time between Richmond, Virginia and Boca Raton, Florida. 

A recent customer had this to say about Laura’s work, “I want to take a vacation in your paintings! They are so beautiful.”

Signature Style: Bright Coastal Colors

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