Historic Garden Week In Virginia

This weekend I had the pleasure of touring the Roanoke homes, part of historic garden week in Virginia. It was especially exciting because my mother’s home was on the tour this year. All of the homes were beautifully decorated and each room displayed the most exquisite flower arrangements you’ve ever seen. The very talented flower arrangers from the Roanoke garden club did not disappoint! Take a look a some of their stunning creations from the tour.

Historic Garden Week Arrangements

I am blown away with the talented Roanoke Garden Club arrangers and their beautiful floral masterpieces this year. This succulent creation is just stunning. Right? Here are some more of my favorites from the tour. Enjoy!

Indoor Flower Arrangements

Beautiful Floral Arrangements - Historic Garden Week
Coffee Table Styling - Pink Peonies Arrangement
beautiful flower arrangements
Parrot Tulips and Hydrangeas - Historic Garden Week

Vegetable Arrangement

I love the idea of a vegetable arrangement in the kitchen. Check out this basket overflowing with colorful veggies for ideas. Choose a few vegetables with vibrant pink and orange colors to blend with the natural greens.

how to make a vegetable arrangement

Historic Garden Week – Beautiful Outdoor Gardens and Views

The weather was perfect for the historic garden week tour in Roanoke. In between all the rain storms, the sun was shining brightly on the beautiful outdoor gardens for the tour on Saturday! What luck! It was a wonderful day.

Beautiful Backyard Gardens and Views
Garden Week In Virginia
Historic Garden Week - Stunning views from backyard pool area
Historic Garden Week - Beautiful Views

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