What To Pack For London This Spring

Carole and I are headed to London in a few short weeks. We are visiting Catherine who is interning in the House of Parliament for the Spring semester. (I know, what an exciting time to be involved in British politics.) So the big question is, what to pack for London in the Spring? Since I know the weather will still be chilly, I am packing lots of layers. Jackets, sweaters, comfortable walking shoes and of course jeans. Follow me on the LikeToKnowIt app for more of what I’m bringing. And I’ll be sure to share lots and lots of fun places we go on Instagram.

London pink sky
What to pack for London in the Spring - layers, jackets and comfortable walking shoes

What To Pack For London?

This is just a sample of what I’m bringing. It’s not the usual drab gray and black colors. It’s Spring for goodness sake. Lots of lemony yellows and pastel pinks are on the scene this season. Click on icons below to shop your favorite brands from Boden and Nike to Cupcakes and Cashmere and Hudson.

Golden Jubilee Bridges – Nike Air Force 1 Platform Sneakers

What To Pack For London – Carry On

What To Pack For London – Jeans

walking across Waterloo bridge – photo via Catherine Trevey

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