Motivation Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Who needs a little Motivation Monday to get the juices flowing for the week? I certainly do. Here are some things I like to remind myself when I need a little inspiration and pumping up for whatever task is before me. Motivation quotes can really lift my spirits, get me grounded and keep me focused. I have two pieces of advice this week. First, be ALL in. Whatever it is that you are doing, be ALL in. Secondly, once you have accomplished your goal, take time to appreciate it before always chasing after the next big thing. Allow yourself a pat on the back. It feels good.

Motivation Monday Quotes

“Wherever you are, be all in.” I preach this to myself almost daily.

Motivation Monday - Inspiration for the start to your week

In an interview on The Southern C I was asked, “What is the biggest piece of advice you would give someone starting a new business?”

The advice I’d give to my younger self is, “Finding joy is pretty hard to do if you are always chasing after the next big thing without appreciating where you are in the present”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a true believer in setting goals and pursuing my dreams. I have now learned to appreciate where I am in the present. I have learned to appreciate the work I have done in the past to get myself to this point.

Finding Joy - Motivation Monday Quotes

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