Dorm Goals Pink Agate Collection

Check out what all the hype is about with the new PINK AGATE design. It’s the latest dorm room complete package. Everything you need to turn your college space into a chic home away from home. In this collection, start with your bedding and choose from a duvet cover, lightweight comforter or the complete package, bed in a bag. Add lots and lots of pillows {different shapes too}. Then decorate with hanging your tapestry and framed wall art. {Don’t worry, both the tapestry and framed wall art will stay securely on the bare walls with command strips – your new best friend.} Accessorize with a nice large tray for those lazy Sundays where you just want to stay in bed, drink coffee and watch Netflix. Also, don’t forget the coziest sherpa throw ever. I promise you, these comfy blankets are must haves for every dorm room. Oh! Don’t forget your pink agate pouch for pencils, makeup, jewelry or what have you!

Pink Agate Pillow, Comforter, Framed Wall Art and Tapestry

Pink Agate Pillow, Comforter, Tray and Tapestry

Dorm Goals : Pink Agate Collection

Original watercolor artist, Laura Trevey, transforms her vibrant, happy art pieces into products that are to be used and consumed every day as a means to make life a little brighter, bolder and more beautiful. 

Dorm Goals - Pink Agate Framed Wall Art - White Frame

Pink Agate - Dorm Decor

Pink Agate Sherpa Blanket

Pink Agate Pillow, Comforter, Framed Wall Art and Tapestry

Pink Agate Indoor Throw Pillow

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