So That’s Why I Love Summer

We are officially out of school and in Summer mode. I started thinking about Summer and why I get so excited about these three months of the year. What is it about Summer that makes me smile? That makes my heart full? It’s family. It’s our time to de-stress from our busy schedules and enjoy each other. Every Summer we vacation at the beach, and those two weeks are always the happiest days of the year, for everyone. I cherish our family time, knowing that it’s not always going to be like this. We are that family. We play put-put, followed by an outing to the ice-cream parlor. We take walks and swim in the ocean. We are present. I honestly cannot say that about most of the year. So that’s why I love Summer.

ice cream cones with sprinkles

These joy filled Summer days are the inspiration for my latest collection, Abundance. My heart is full with an abundance of happiness when we all get to “slow it down” and be present with each other. Our favorite vacation spot is Boca Raton Florida where the buildings are pink, the sky is blue and the blooms are abundant. Last year we took a trip to Wynwood Walls {an Instagrammer’s dream} in Miami. It’s worth the trip if you are passing through.

Wynwood Walls - We Love Summer

Abundance Throw Pillow

Pink Bougainvillea

Abundance Art Print


Abundance Collection - Bed and Bath


We Love Summer Fun!

  • Shop the Pink Poppies Collection with the NEW Credenza!
  • Bring the Coastal Living vibe into your home with these 8 best sellers.
  • Howdy Summer – 10 things I’m loving right now.
  • I’m thrilled about our new rectangular trays and matching coasters that are in the shop. These are super fun and come in lots of cool designs. Take a peek at the full selection and see which is your favorite. From colorful florals to coastal living designs, I hope there’s one that suits your own personal style. As seen above, the XL Pineapple Sunshine tray {with handles} and coaster set are on sale here. Each item is made to order here in the USA, so be sure to allow 5-10 business days for shipping.
  • Follow My Creative Process on Instagram: I’m finding Instagram to be one of my favorite social platforms to tell my story. It’s an easy way for me to show sneak peeks of my studio and the beginning stages of my next watercolor. Follow my creative process on Instagram to get to know more about me as an artist and how I weave that into my every day life. It’s a visual diary of sorts really. The Instagram stories are a fun addition to the platform as well. On the stories, I like to share those “on the spot” moments of my life. So follow along if you feel like doing so and leave a comment from time to time so I can get to know you as well.

Original watercolor artist, Laura Trevey, transforms her vibrant, happy art pieces into products that are to be used and consumed every day as a means to make life a little brighter, bolder and more beautiful. #TheArtofEveryDay

2 thoughts on “So That’s Why I Love Summer

  1. Hi Laura, loved your blog have a slow happy summer!!

    Linda Persall

  2. thanks Linda, and you too!!

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