4 Things I Have Learned From My 15 Year Old Son

As parents, we are role models for our children, and we can only hope that what we do and how we act rubs off on them. But sometimes, the reverse happens. In many ways, Preston {our 15 year old son} is my role model. Let me tell you why. He’s one of those swimmers that wakes up every morning at 4am and swims for two hours all before heading off to school for the day. Let’s pause here a minute. When I think back to my schedule when I was 15 years old, it was nothing like this. Don’t get me wrong, I was very active in sports and dance. But waking up at 4am every day would have never been part of my routine. Never. So what keeps Preston and his peers at Nova motivated to keep this routine up day after day, year round? Desire, determination, dedication and discipline. These 4 D’s have been called the 4 D’s of success, but here is my personal take on them about Preston’s swimming journey.

Preston Trevey

Desire: We all have the desire to want things. Some things we can buy. Other things, like being a great dancer, artist, football player or swimmer cannot be bought. Preston has the desire to swim and compete at a high level. This I know is true because he has been swimming since elementary school with no pressure from us, his parents. In fact, I tell him quite frequently that he can stop at any time if it gets to be too hard with academic pressures rising in high school.
What I have learned: I love that Preston is so passionate about his sport. He has a true desire to continue getting better and better and that inspires me.

Determination: I personally cannot imagine swimming every day for two hours, but these kids do it. They just do it. The life lessons they are learning extend far beyond swimming. When something is hard for these kids, they don’t give up and try something else. Instead, they are determined to keep going.
What I have learned: If my child can do it, then so can I. He inspires me to keep going after what I want.

Dedication: To be great at something takes time and practice. This I know from Preston. I watch him get up every morning {really it’s the middle of the night}, practice and repeat. Practice and repeat. It’s amazing really how dedicated these kids are and what they accomplish because of their desire and determination to keep at it over and over again.
What I have learned: There are so many takeaways for me here. Watching and admiring my young adult son who is so dedicated to his passion makes me want to be better myself. He makes me want to be a better business owner, artist & designer and especially mother.

Discipline: After practicing over and over and over again, year after year, many people get bored. It takes an inner discipline to keep going and never give up. It takes patience. I am most proud of Preston and his fellow teammates at Nova for having this quality. What they are learning from their amazing coaches will help them for the rest of their lives. For this I am truly grateful.
What I have learned: I have been a business owner, artist and blogger for over 10 years, and I’m more passionate about what I do today than ever.

Preston Trevey - Nova Swimming

Preston Trevey

Preston Trevey

Preston Trevey and Townley Haas

This story is not endorsed or sponsored by Nova of Virginia Aquatics, but I would like to give the talented coaching staff there a high five and thank them for teaching our kids life lessons they will use throughout their lives.

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