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We all have a story. For me to tell my story, I’ll need to start with my grandmother. Marion Harding, born in 1911 in Roanoke Virginia, was a creator and a dreamer. She dreamed larger than life and found her way to New York City where she worked on many theater productions that included Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. After marrying the love of her life, she moved to Emporia, Va. and started the first dance studio in the area. Marion chose to listen to her creative spirit. She lived out her desires and dreams on the stage in various forms of performance. She lived every day to fullest and was very active until the day she passed away at 93. We had a special bond and were very close especially the last 10 years of her life. Both living in Richmond, I would visit her quite often with my own children. She always said that they made her feel younger. In 2000, at the age of 89, she was still acting on her creative spirit and asked me to take a watercolor class with her. So I did. Every Wednesday for three years, I picked her up and we painted in our teacher’s home for three hours. It was a magical time and an experience I will never forget. So, I guess you can say that she’s the reason for the start of my career as an artist and business owner.

Laura Trevey in her own words

Let me fast forward to my mother, Carole Whittle {seen in the photo below}. She’s a connector and collaborator. She exudes charisma and her gift is bringing people together. From as long as I can remember, she’s always been active in heading up a committee or organizing an event. She’s a past President of the Junior League, past President of the Garden Club and organizer of countless other projects. Most of all, she’s an amazing mother and role model for me. People are drawn to her positive spirit and she has a way with connecting the right people together to get any job done.

Laura Trevey and Carole Whittle

So from what I’ve told you, you may think I’ve led a pretty charmed life, right? I have, but every story has a dark side too. Without going into all the details, my father suffered and ultimately passed away in his 50’s from alcoholism. I was very close to my dad and this affected my life in so many ways. From my teens into my thirties, I was very insecure and made a lot of poor choices, all relating to alcohol. One day in December of 2008, I decided that enough was enough. I was happily married and had three beautiful young children. I wanted to be a good wife and good mother and in order to do that, I had to make a life choice to quit drinking. So I did.

I believe that things happen for a reason. But you have to open up and be aware in order to receive the clues. In that same month of December 2008, I was “Google”-ing a certain type of watercolor paper that I wanted to try. A site popped up that was fairly new, and I had never heard of it before. The site was called Etsy. I immediately opened up my first online shop, was fascinated with this whole online world, began selling my artwork, thus the beginning of my brand and business. Because of my recent life choice, I was able to see the path laid out in front of me. Painting in watercolor is what makes my heart sing. The process of selling my artwork and building my brand fills me up.  Together, the painting and the process inspire me to be better. They inspire me to be a better mother and role model.

So what are the takeaways from my story you ask? I believe that we all have our own story, our own dreams and desires. I believe the ones that are truly happy and fulfilled are the ones that choose to connect, collaborate and create in order to achieve their dreams. Today, Sam and I have three amazing teenagers. Being a mother is one of my most fulfilling and rewarding jobs. Secondly, I am proud of the brand I have created and I’m exploding with excitement of what’s to come. I haven’t even come close to peaking yet! Here’s to the future. What does the future hold for you?

Pegboard and work space

Paint Brushes - My Creative Journey never Told Before

Painting in watercolor is what makes my heart sing. The process of selling my artwork and building my brand fills me up. Together, the painting and the process inspire me to be better. Laura Trevey

My hope is that I have inspired you in some way by telling my own story. If you’d like to keep in touch, please sign up for my email newsletter. Cheers!

**Laura Trevey home office photography by Kimberly Frost

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