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I’m finding Instagram to be one of my favorite social platforms to tell my story. It’s an easy way for me to show sneak peeks of my studio and the beginning stages of my next watercolor. Follow my creative process on Instagram to get to know more about me as an artist and how I weave that into my every day life. It’s a visual diary of sorts really. The Instagram stories are a fun addition to the platform as well. On the stories, I like to share those “on the spot” moments of my life. So follow along if you feel like doing so and leave a comment from time to time so I can get to know you as well. Oh, and I have been known to offer giveaways on new products launching from time to time. Wink wink.

Follow my creative process on Instagram - Laura Trevey

Follow My Creative Process On Instagram

The featured instagram post above is a close up of a new watercolor series coming out at the end of this month. Full of loose brush strokes and paint splatters, I’m excited to show you the finished pieces.

When I add just the right amount of water and color to the paper, and the colors start blending in unexpected ways, that’s when the magic happens for me. This Instagram post is showing the process of my exploring agate slices for an upcoming collaboration I’m working on. Super excited about this one. And the blue and green tropical leaves below is a good indication that spring is here and things are starting to bloom. That’s where I’m drawing my inspiration from at least.

Tropical Leaves - Follow my creative process on Instagram - Laura Trevey


So follow along on Instagram if you wish and say hello. I will tell you I have a giveaway coming up soon! 

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  1. Would love to get some fabric to make a garden flag .. can I transfer onto fabric?

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