5 Favorite Inspirational Instagram Hashtags

Well, here were are! 2017 has arrived and every time I look on Instagram, I see everyone chanting, “New Year New You…. New Year New You”. What does that mean exactly? For me, it means I’m on a new journey to live a more purposeful life. This will involve digging deep within to discover what it is that I’m striving for. I’m excited about this self reflection, and I’m going to be seeking the wisdom and knowledge of others to help me get there. Today, I’ll be starting by tuning into Jess Lively’s free workshop, which will teach How to set values-based intentions. I couldn’t be more excited, so more about that later. As for now, here are 5 inspirational instagram hashtags I like to follow. And if we’re not already Insta friends, I hope to be soon! Oh, and some new faces that inspire me lately are rachelcamfield, amberlilyestrom and of course jessclively.

inspirational instagram hashtags to follow

5 Favorite Inspirational Instagram Hashtags

When perusing Instagram, here are 5 favorite hashtags that fit with my current mood.



Inspirational Quotes | Creativity Takes Courage - Henri Matisse


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  • Inspirational Quotes: I like to have a collection of inspirational quotes that give me positive vibes. Sometimes I need those reminders to get me motivated. One of my favorites is Creativity takes courage ~ Henri Matisse. When I see a good quote about life, I print it out and hang it on the board in my office. Here are some of my faves that really get my charged to start the day off right.
  • 5 Amy Poehler Quotes to Inspire You: I love Amy Poehler. Every time I think about her, I smile. I’m inspired by who she is, and the kind of woman she represents. She’s funny, she’s smart and she’s doing some good by encouraging others to be involved in the world they live in.


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