NEW Laura Trevey Designs And Where To Shop Them

Here are new Laura Trevey designs and where to shop them. With playful patterns & cool color schemes, view the pineapple sunshine and going green collections. Click on links below to shop and Happy New Year!!

Going Green shower curtain

Floral Frenzy Duvet Cover - Bright and Colorful Bedding

NEW Laura Trevey Designs And Where To Shop Them

If you search on Google, you can find the latest updates and sales. From Etsy and Amazon to Wayfair, shop all Laura Trevey products at the site you prefer.

Etsy: If you love Etsy, then visit for all 160 products for sale.

Coastal Living Inspired Canvas Art
Caribbean Time Art Canvas


If you prefer Amazon, you can shop all products there as well! The iphone cases are Amazon Prime too.

and there’s more…

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