7 Things I Won’t Be Doing In The New Year

On this day last year I posted 8 things I won’t be doing in the new year. I have to say, I was right on the mark with them. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, here is my list of 7 things I won’t be doing in 2017. Try a list for yourself, it’s kind of fun. Cheers!

In the New Year - Times Square New York City

Times Square New York City

7 Things I Won’t Be Doing In The New Year

1.  I won’t be snap chatting. I’ll be posting Instagram stories instead. Are we friends yet on Instagram?

2. I won’t be spending my money on shipping charges thanks to Amazon Prime and Nordstrom free shipping. Gotta love that.

3. I won’t be procrastinating anymore. It’s time to start a weekly workout plan to get fit and stay healthy. I know I know. This is the year. Here’s a list of women’s activewear I found on Amazon to help me stay motivated and achieve my goals.

4. I won’t be getting more sleep. This is a big one. Usually I get 8 hours sleep every night, and my body thanks me for it. Starting on Monday, I will be getting up at 4am every day to get Preston off to swimming practice. Yes, this is a huge adjustment. Hello 8pm bed times!

5. I won’t be becoming a master chef, but I always striving to eat healthier. This is an ongoing goal and life choice.

6. I won’t be stressing out over the little things. This is a work in progress. As a mother of three, there is always something to stress about. Am I right, or am I right?

7. I won’t be sitting still in 2017. I have SO many exciting things coming soon, so stay tuned and keep checking for new items in the shop. Cheers to a great year filled with good health and happiness!

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