Dining Room Paint Color

After living in our home for 18 plus years, it was definitely time to do a little sprucing up. You’ve seen our white and gold kitchen makeover, which we absolutely love. But, you know what happens when you makeover one room in your house. Everything else looks dingy and worn. After painting the kitchen and living room walls, the front rooms looked so dirty and yellowed. So, we just updated the front room colors and now everything blends together so much better.

Dining Room Paint Color

We chose Benjamin Moore Light Pewter for the hallway and the living room and dining room paint color is Dune White. Here are a few pics I just took this morning. We still have a ways to go, but we are getting there. One addition to the dining room is coming soon and I cannot wait. We are having our old and scuffed up secretary updated with a shiny navy blue lacquer finish. I got the idea to give it a refresh when I saw Cameron’s updated secretary in her hallway. Check it out in her stunning home tour.

Benjamin Moore Light Pewter Paint Color for Hallway

Benjamin Moore Dune White for Dining Room paint color

You know I love anything blue and white. Look at these two blue and white porcelain fish I received as a gift yesterday. I am obsessed with them. What do you think of them on the sideboard?

Blue and White Porcelain Fish Decor

Dining Room Paint Color Dune White

Blue and White Decor in Dining Room

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2 thoughts on “Dining Room Paint Color

  1. It’s beautiful! We are thinking of painting our home Dune White and I had been wondering about trim colors that are slightly lighter but work well with it. You seem to have figured it out! I don’t think you list it here, but can you shareyour trim color?

  2. Hey Sherri, just plain white!

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