Make Your Home Guest Ready In 15 Minutes

The holidays are approaching soon and it’s time to start thinking about who’s coming to visit! Our guest bedroom doesn’t get much use until Winter rolls around. However, we did have guests a couple of weeks ago, which was a spur of the moment kind of thing. Here are some ways I made our home guest ready in 15 minutes when I got that call.

Make Your Home Guest Ready In 15 Minutes

1 First things first, it’s time to head to the store! I like to have easy pick up food on hand. Fresh fruit and muffins are always a crowd pleaser in the mornings. When it comes to bagels and muffins, I try to buy a variety of different kinds to give our guests a choice. Coffee is definitely flowing as well. {image: newlywed home tour}

Fresh Baked Muffins - Make Your Home Guest Ready

2 While I’m at the grocery store, I pick up fresh flowers. I usually purchase a bouquet for the kitchen table, and pinch off a few buds for a single vase for the guest bedroom or bath. Grocery store bought flowers save me an extra trip and are usually very affordable.{image: white and gold kitchen makeover}

Welcome guests with fresh flowers

3 Next, I wisk up to the guest room to make sure the beds are made and pillows in place. Adding a throw blanket for extra coziness is always a good idea. {image: holiday guest bedroom}

Holiday guest bedroom prep

4 If I have extra magazines, I throw them in a basket and place them in the guest room. {image: Italian inspired home tour}

Make Your Home Guest Ready - Basket of Magazines

5 Stock the bar with plenty of sparkling waters and juices in addition to spirits. Then, have a seat to relax and enjoy your guests. {image: Christmas home tour}

Stock The Bar - Make Your Home Guest Ready

Celebrate the Holidays:

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