Inside A Designer’s Art-Filled Curated Home

Meet Interior Designer Geraldine Duskin and take a peek inside her fabulous art-filled curated home in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. She has an inspiring collection of treasures from all over the world. “My apartment in this late 19th century house takes on an unexpected slant as it is furnished in my “modernist” and slightly romantic style. The collection has been acquired over many years and from several different countries starting in the U.K., moving to Canada, France and the United States. I love Italian furniture and glass, French Art Deco and objects that capture my eye and my imagination. I believe this mixing of the unexpected injects life into a room in a way a strictly “period” room cannot. My preference is for a limited colour palette.” Geraldine’s apartment has some extraordinary features such as the terrazzo and parquet floors, impressive mantles and surrounds, and ornately carved above-door accents.  The pair of mint green cabinets with wrought iron branch motif were designed by Geraldine and executed by Maurice Beane. To learn more about her modernist style and design process, read the interview below.

geraldine duskins curated home

candlestick collection on mantle

art - perro gris juan perdiguero | spain

Inside A Designer’s Art-Filled Curated Home

Read the interview with Geraldine and learn more about her style and art-filled curated home.

geraldine duskin interior designer and gallerist

a curated home tour - black and white ceramic by Lisa Taranto
black and white ceramic by Lisa Taranto

geraldine duskin interior designer - a curated home tour

Where does your inspiration come from? 
A lot of my inspiration comes from knowing the wonderful Parisian designer and antique dealer Madeleine Castaing.

How did you meet Parisian designer Madeleine Castaing?
I met Madeleine through a mutual friend, a Parisian antiques dealer who often traveled to the U.K. looking for treasures to bring her. Madeleine was very kind to me. I had been taking classes at the Sorbonne (Université de Paris) and was doing a bit of  photographic modeling. Madeleine let me use her boutique on the Rue Jacob for a photo shoot. I was in awe of the unique collection of furniture and objects crowded into the shop but even more so of the wonderful paintings by Soutine that hung upstairs in the formal apartment.

Tell me more about how you and Maurice design and execute pieces for clients?
When I have an idea for a furniture design I do a preliminary sketch which I show Maurice and then we talk over and resolve any technical details. He does the “to scale” drawing and completes or oversees the fabrication. It’s a very enjoyable collaboration.

What do you do in your spare time?
I love to read and if I’m not busy (or even sometimes when I should be) I have my nose in a book! The books I collect relate largely to design, art and fashion. My favorite recent reads have been  the Scandinavian crime writers and Karl Ove Knausgaard’s huge autobiography, My Struggle. I like to walk and regularly take a yoga class and needless to say, I haunt antique and consignment shops. My favorite annual event now is Design Miami.

After living in the U.K., France and Canada, what do you love about living in Richmond?
The thing I love most about RVA would be the very creative people I’ve met here who have become friends. Also Church Hill is a very cool neighborhood to live in and its architecture and the Fan’s is so pretty and attractive.

inside interior designer geraldine duskins art filled home

art - male nude "shirodara" alicia suarez, spain

geraldine duskins curated home tour - unsigned “Cocoon” wall sculpture, Jiro Yonezawa, Japan
unsigned “Cocoon” wall sculpture, Jiro Yonezawa, Japan

assorted colored glassware displayed in cabinet - a curated home tour

“When moving in, the first thing I do is put my books in the bookcases and hang the art on the walls. I have far too much of both! Having owned 2 art galleries this has been the inevitable result. If you wish to form a collection, take the time to really look at paintings in galleries and museums to develop your eye and your taste. There’s no need to rush to complete a beautiful interior and one significant purchase will give pleasure for years.”

Please visit Geraldine Duskin to learn more.

Photography by Kim Frost.

an art filled curated home tour

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