Dorm Decorating #DormGoals

Dorm decorating is so much fun! We headed to Charlottesville this weekend and before we said our goodbyes, we had some work to do, decorating the dorm room. I’m so happy with the way Catherine’s room turned out. After a lot of sweat (no air conditioning in the old dorms) we managed to pull this blank room into a cozy place to live. From the the adorable bulletin boards, cozy comforter and throw pillows to the coolest jewelry stand ever, get the list below for products purchased.

dorm room decorating #collegelife

Jewelry Stand - Dorm Decorating

Dorm Decorating #dormgoals

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Here’s a few items from Catherine’s dorm room as featured above.

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Caribbean Sea Throw Pillow - Laura Trevey
Caribbean Sea Throw Pillow – Laura Trevey
Cool to Warm Throw Pillow
Cool to Warm Throw Pillow – Laura Trevey

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2 thoughts on “Dorm Decorating #DormGoals

  1. Laura, My son has a room in an old dorm up there with a bed like that with no option for a headboard because there is a pipe behind the bed. How did you set that bookcase up behind her bed?

  2. It was actually custom made specifically for that space the year before – and we bought it from the previous owner 🙂 !! Lucky, b/c that pipe is annoying and hard to place anything behind it.

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