Agate Knobs + Weekend Roundup

Hello! It’s time for the August weekend roundup. Check out the highlights from the week as well as some favorite stories from our partners. I am working fast and furious to get the photos ready to share with you for the next home tour, so be on the lookout for it this coming week. Here is a sneak peek photo of the family room. I am particularly in love with the awesome agate knobs on the cabinets. Something so simple can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary. I searched for some myself, and found some on Etsy. See more options below.

Agate Knobs - Family Room Decorating Ideas

Agate Knobs + Weekend Roundup

Highlights from the week

agate slice night lights - Etsy Bohemian Decor

One thought on “Agate Knobs + Weekend Roundup

  1. I’m obsessed! I have seen the ones from Anthropologie in person and they are amazing! Happy Sunday, Laura!

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