New Sea Turtle Tracks

Happy July! We are back in our happy place {Boca Raton, Florida} and overjoyed to unwind for a few weeks. This morning I got up to greet the sunrise. Shortly after I watched the Boca Raton Marine Turtle Specialists looking for new sea turtle tracks. This is their daily routine, and I never miss it when we are here. Last Summer we actually witnessed a turtle making it’s way out of the surf at night to lay it’s eggs. Once you see it happen, you are absolutely mesmerized and you want to learn more about these amazing sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Tracks - Boca Raton Florida

Checking For New Sea Turtle Tracks

“Sea turtle nesting season in South Florida is March 1st through October 31st each year. Every morning at sunrise, Dr. Kirt Rusenko and his staff of Marine Turtle Specialist survey Boca Raton’s five mile stretch of beach to look for turtle tracks made the night before. Once a turtle track is located, Marine Turtle Specialists determine what species was responsible (leatherback, loggerhead, or green) and if she actually nested or just made a “false crawl.”  Sea turtles are very sensitive to lights and activity on the beach at night. Sometimes a female turtle will emerge from the water but will be frightened back before she can begin to lay her eggs.” Read more about the nesting at Gumbo Limbo.

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