5 Instagram Faves #WhereToFindMe

Cheers to Summer. I’m so glad we are here! School is out, graduation parties and end of year activities have come and gone. Now we are looking forward to some nice and slow, easy no-stress Summer living. Who’s with me? I like to follow #WhereToFindMe for places to discover. It’s fun to explore┬áthe rest of the world through other’s eyes. Here are 5 Instagram Faves of Summery Sunny places I’d like to be right now.

5 Instagram Faves #WhereToFindMe

1 Anywhere with these black and white stripe umbrellas, blue sky and palm trees! Instagram account, Annie Reeves.

Summer Weekends! Black and White Stripes and blue skies

2 Anywhere on the water sounds perfect to me. Love this shot of sailing the Puget Sound. Instagram account: JoyInTheMiddle

Sailing The Puget Sound - Instagram Faves

3 Happy weekend from Capri! Instagram account: Kapito Muller Interiors

Happy weekend from Capri!

4 The Pasea Hotel and Spa. Instagram account: simplyxclassic.

The Pasea Hotel and Spa #WhereToFindMe

5 I’ll take Paris any day of the week. How charming are the colors on Rue Cremieux? Instagram account: Rebecca Plotnick

Rue Cremieux, Paris France


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Laura Trevey

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