This Summer Garden Tour is a Must See!

Welcome to the home of Kent and Diane Cooper. They live nearby and I pass by their home daily. I’ve always admired their beautifully landscaped front yard, and often wondered what lies beyond the secret garden gate on the side. I was thrilled to finally be able to tour this charming home and meet Diane and Kent. They are just lovely and their backyard is a real treat, especially for garden lovers. Since there are so many great things to share, I will break it up into two parts. Today, I will share their outside gardens and follow up later with the interior home tour. So let’s begin with the front entrance. Everyone loves the colors of their exterior, so I made sure to get that info for you. The exterior paint is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, and the shutters and front door are painted BM Wrought Iron.

Summer Garden Tour - Diane and Kent Cooper

Summer container of white begonias on front porch

Summer Garden Tour: The Coopers

Get out a notepad and pen, because you will want to take notes.

As you step outside from the sunroom onto the patio, Diane has a wonderful container garden display of holly and boxwood. It’s such a welcoming bright sunny spot!

Backyard patio with holly and boxwood container garden | Summer garden tour

Across the patio, there is the most beautiful Kimberly fern. They grow upright, are super easy to maintain and look fabulous in containers for porches and patios.

Kimberly ferns stand upright and look fabulous in containers for porches and patios
Backyard Patio Outdoor Seating with Umbrella
Secret Garden Gate to Backyard Patio
Secret Garden Gate - Garden Tour

I love this fish fountain. Behind it grows Otto Luyken Laurel, a lush growing evergreen shrub with showy, fragrant white flowers.

fish fountain with lush Otto Leyken Laurel greenery as the backdrop
Backyard Patio - Summer home and garden tour

Off the patio is a beautiful circular landscaped garden filled with annuals and perennials. She has a wide assortment of rhododendrons, dogwoods, hostas, impatiens, lambs ear, variegated lamium and scented geraniums.

circular landscaped garden filled with annuals and perennials
backyard garden filled with boxwood, rhododendrons, hostas and impatiens
Boy with Flutes garden statue

Coral Bells (onyx heuchera) with their bold purple leaves and dainty pink blooms add a sweet accent to the garden.

Coral Bells (onyx heuchera)

Tucked away in the shade is a peaceful area which Diane calls her wine terrace. What a perfect spot! In the back, right off the terrace is Diane’s favorite “Magic Tree”. This Tea Olive produces soft orange blooms. These trees are said to be some of the most sweetly fragrant plants in Southern gardens. Their scent makes them ideal for planting near windows and outdoor living areas where the fall blooming flowers can be readily enjoyed.

The Wine Terrace
Shaded backyard patio
Backyard Patio - Summer home and garden tour

I am told this is a Smoke bush. When in full bloom, they have gorgeous reddish brown feathery flowers that make the tree look like a puff of smoke. How cool is that?

Smoke Bush | When in full bloom, they have gorgeous reddish brown feathery flowers that make the tree look like a puff of smoke.

A huge thank you to Diane and Kent. They were so gracious to open up their backyard garden for us. I am truly inspired and I have learned a great deal. Stay tuned for their home tour filled with Italian influence.

** Home Tour Photography: Kim Frost
** Home Tour Coordinator: Karen Phillips

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  1. Thanks. Love how quiet it looks.

  2. It is peaceful back there 🙂

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  4. A showstopper, for sure, Laura! Happy weekend!

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