Follow These 4 Steps For a Personalized Gallery Wall

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last night and ran across a cool personalized gallery wall on Wayfair. After glancing at it for a second, I realized that my sea coral framed wall art was featured in the collection! After further investigation, I was thrilled that Peyton W Lambton of HGTV had picked it for a DIY video she made, Get The Look: A Personalized Gallery Wall. I love it when I happen upon fun things like this!

4 Tips to a Personalized Gallery Wall

I love her display and her great tips. Watch this step by step video. Peyton will show you how to create this look for your own wall space.

Create Place Holders - Gallery wall how-to

Sea Coral Framed Wall Art on Wayfair

Personalized Gallery Wall - Follow these steps to create your own

Personalized Gallery Wall | Shop The Look



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