Dreamy Hydrangea Gardens

On our visit to Chincoteague last year, I snapped some photos of these dreamy hydrangea gardens. Whether they are part of a front yard design or backyard landscape, I am absolutely in love with hydrangea’s mophead blooms. I have a couple of hydrangea plants in our backyard, and yesterday we headed to Lowe’s for some more to fill in some blank spots in our garden. See below for my Chincoteague garden photos for your inspiration.

Hydrangea Garden Inspiration
Pink Hydrangeas in Full Bloom - Dreamy Hydrangea Gardens

Create Your Own Dreamy Hydrangea Gardens

Here is our visit to Lowe’s garden center. We chose a couple of the Mini Penny Hydrangea. Plant description: Large mophead flowers appear nearly continuously on this exceptional dwarf, compact shrub. Blossoms tend to be blue when planted in acidic soils, and pink in more alkaline soils. A wonderful container plant, low flowering hedge or highlight of a flowering border. Highly disease resistant foliage. Deciduous.

Monrovia Plants - Mini Penny Hydrangea
Mini Penny Hydrangea - Monrovia Plants at Lowe's Garden Center
Beautiful Pink Hydrangea Plants

photos by Laura Trevey

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