6 Most Inspiring Home Offices For Creatives

If you ask me what is my favorite space in our home, I will tell you my home office. It’s filled with natural light, it’s open and airy, and it’s designed to get my creative juices flowing each and every day. Here are a few of the details. The paint color, Spring Mint by Benjamin Moore makes me smile. I created a custom island with wide shelves on one side, specifically to store my watercolor paper. It’s large enough to paint on the countertop as well. It is movable with casters on the bottom, so I can place it anywhere in the room. My large pegboard serves as my inspiration board. Pegboards with S hooks allow me to constantly change and refresh with new items without any hassle at all. The pegboard is painted the same Spring Mint wall color, and framed with white trim for a finished look. This is the focal point of the room and the ultimate organizer. The entire board measures 5 1/2 feet by 8 feet. Over on the side of the room are my storage cabinets and more wall organizers. I love utilizing all of the wall space.  See photos below, as well as more creative offices to inspire.

Inspiring Home Offices for Creatives - Laura Trevey

Inspiring Home Offices For Creatives – My Office

Large Custom Built Island and Framed Pegboard - Inspiring Home Offices

Desk Space - Laura Trevey Home Office

Custom Cabinets for Storage - Inspiring Home Offices

Paint Brushes - Inspiring Home Offices for Creatives

Large Pegboard Inspiration Board

Tulips in Watercolor - Inspiring Home Offices

More Inspiring Home Offices

For more spaces oozing with creative juices, I found the jack pot over on House and Home. Here are some of my favorites. I’m a long time fan of Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess. Love their desk space!

ABM Bloggers Inspiring Home Office

The natural light, the pendant lighting, the desk, the rug – oh my! What’s not to love in Studio McGee‘s stylish area?

Studio McGee - Inspiring Home Offices

Bri Emery and her DesignLoveFest team create amazing things in their comfy space here. {Note to self: I need some awesome plants in my office.}

DesignLoveFest - Inspiring Home Offices

I’m loving the built in bookshelves and cool desk in Danielle de Lange’s sophisticated space. Check out Danielle’s online store, Le Souk, and her blog.

Danielle de Lange's Home Office

I’m so inspired by Justina Blakeney of Jungalow. She has it all figured out. Lots of color, lots of texture and a really comfy couch. Her unique bohemian flair is awesome and I love that about her. 

Justina Blakeney of Jungalow - Inspiring Home Office

Well, if you are not inspired by all that – I can’t help you. Wow, so much to love. Now, let’s go create something, shall we?

**photo sources: my home office – photography by Kim Frost for lauratrevey.com // all other home offices via House and Home



5 thoughts on “6 Most Inspiring Home Offices For Creatives

  1. Love your creative space. I’m currently working on a new creative space for our new home, your space is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
    Lori in Atlanta

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing these stunning and creative work spaces.

  3. thanks so much Kathy!

  4. Thanks Lori – good luck with your new space 🙂

  5. I would love to know where you got your desk from! it is absolutely fabulous and would love to look into this 🙂

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