8 Things I Won’t Be Doing In The New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s always so exciting to begin a new chapter and start with a clean slate at the beginning of each new year. It’s a great time for me to set new goals and try new things. However, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, here are 8 things I won’t be doing in the new year.

8 things I won't be doing in the new year

1.  I won’t be miraculously getting better eyesight. I keep putting off the inevitable, getting my eyes checked. This is the year I’m going to pick out some cool glasses. Maybe red, maybe tortoise shell, who knows!

2. I won’t be setting unrealistic exercising goals that I won’t keep. Baby steps are good for me. I think I’ll get a fitbit and go from there. Just the awareness of how many steps I’m taking each day is enough to encourage me to do more. It’s the competitive nature in me.

3. I hope I don’t eat my words on this next one. I will not be adding another social media site to my daily routine. Come on people, enough is enough. It’s time to live in the present and enjoy life through my own eyes. Once I get my glasses (see #1) everything will be much clearer, ha ha!

4. I won’t rely on texting to stay in touch with friends and family. For me, it’s much more satisfying to connect over the phone or better yet, in person. Lunch dates are the best.

5. Sorry family, I won’t be becoming a better cook overnight. Some people love being in the kitchen for hours every day. And that’s great! I am not one of those people. I have too many other things to do. I will promise to make an effort to buy healthier foods to have in the house. Fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables…

6. I won’t be saving all of my photos in my computer. Posting on Facebook is not the best way to preserve your memories guys. I will actually print some of my favorites and put them in frames or even an album. Millennials are probably unfamiliar with this concept. I think we need to bring it back.

8 Things I will NOT be doing in the New Year

7. I won’t be saying yes to sponsorships that are not a good fit for my brand. I will be extremely choosy in the coming year to make sure I only feature the stories you expect and want to read.

8. After 7 years of posting every day {and I mean every day, seven days a week since 2009} I have decided to only bring you stories that entertain, teach or inspire you in some way. I’m excited to make this change, and I know it will push me to bring you better stories than ever before. Along with this change comes a whole new look for the site. Exciting things to come including weekly giveaways with #ltbebright. Starting today, share your favorite bright photos on Instagram by tagging them #ltbebright. The first giveaway will happen in a couple of days and will be announced on Instagram. Cheers to 2016! Let’s make this new year a BRIGHT one together. “Live beautifully.”

Cheers to the New Year!



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6 thoughts on “8 Things I Won’t Be Doing In The New Year!

  1. Love your list Laura!!! I have a love/ hate relationship with social media, I’m trying to be present in real life more in 2016. With that being said, I’ll be looking forward to all your bright,bold, and beautiful inspiration in 2016!!!!! Xoxo

  2. love this idea!

  3. Love it, friend! Happy New Year!

  4. thanks so much Wendy!!

  5. Hi Noelle – thanks for your sweet message – cheers to health and happiness in 2016!!

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