How To Make An Apple Boxwood Topiary

I make my apple boxwood topiary for our Christmas table centerpiece every year. I use an apple cone tree base that was handed down from my grandmother. Readers always ask where they can purchase one of these bases, and I am happy to report that I have found plenty of them available on ebay. Find directions on how to make an apple boxwood topiary below.

How to Make an Apple Boxwood Topiary

How To Make an Apple Boxwood Topiary

What You Need:

  • I use approx. 3 bags of small to medium size red apples.
  • Cut some boxwood clippings to use as filler.
  • A graduated cylinder shaped wood block with hammered nails. I have had this wood block for years.


  • Place the apples, starting at the bottom of the base, around the base until covered.
  • The apples stay secure and in place by the nails.
  • Take boxwood clippings and fill in the gaps. Make sure the wood base is completely covered.
  • That’s it!
apple boxwood topiary centerpiece

I like to use this fruit arrangement as my Thanksgiving table centerpiece as well as Christmas brunch. Bring nature inside this holiday season with fresh greenery and bright red apples.

apple and boxwood topiary

Get Inspired This Holiday Season:

holiday photos by Laura Trevey

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