What’s Your Story?

What’s up with our limited attention spans? Why are “we” as a society so impatient? What’s the hurry? With all of the information we process every day, there have to be some moments that grab your attention more than others. So, what are they? What grabs your attention? And more importantly, what grabs your attention and keeps your attention? For me, it’s engagement. It’s all about storytelling and engagement. I ran across this incredibly inspiring story about storytelling that is worth your 4 minutes of time. Listening to Rachel Shechtman, founder of Story, may just be the most inspiring moment of your day.

What’s Your Story?

What's Your Story?

About STORY:

STORY is a different kind of store: its founder, Rachel Shechtman, reinvents the space every three to eight weeks, in the same way that each issue of a magazine packages a new theme with new content. She’s also taken lessons from digital retail—community engagement and constant reinvention—and discovered how to apply them to a physical space. STORY gives consumers an experience, showing them that a store can tell a story; it can even become one, and then change into a different one a few weeks later. It’s part of Shechtman’s quest to turn retail into a media channel as rich as any other, evolving a brand into an event and giving consumers a reason to spend their fractured attention on an adventure much richer than a simple shopping trip.

What's Your Story

It’s funny, I attended an event a couple of weeks ago and I kept getting asked the question, “What’s your story?”. Maybe not in those exact words, but the jist was, “What was I all about?”. This started me thinking, and my thinking has turned into doing. All I can say is, stay tuned. I’m excited about things to come!


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