7 Layer Dip In A Cup

Are you ready for some football? After years of tailgating, I know the crowd pleasers, at least with my group. Pick up food. Plain and simple. This 7 layer dip in a cup is perfect in individual servings. The best part is the clean up, or lack of. You don’t have that pan to clean. Just throw each cup in the trash. It’s a score all the way around. Get the recipe and enjoy.

7 layer dip in a cup - game day appetizers

7 Layer Dip In A Cup

Ingredients and Instructions: Layer the following ingredients in clear Solo cups. Make as many individual servings as needed. Don’t underestimate your crowd. Everyone will want one. Fill Solo square plates for extra tostitos chips for dipping. Ready to serve.

refried beans


sour cream


shredded cheese

diced tomatos

tostitos chips for dipping

Easy Game Day Appetizers - 7 Layer Dip in a Cup, get the recipe

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