DIY Candy Corn Painted Bottles

Here’s a bright idea for halloween decorating. Make these DIY candy corn painted bottles. This Fall project couldn’t be any easier. Using old bottles from your recycling bin, create candy corn colored bottles. Pop some fresh flowers in each and you have a Fall centerpiece.

DIY Candy Corn Painted Bottles

DIY Candy Corn Painted Bottles

What you need:

  • recycled glass bottles
  • white, orange and yellow spray paint
  • cardboard, old newspaper or a drop cloth for your workspace

DIY Candy Corn Painted Bottles Instructions


  • Head to your recycling bin, and pull out three or four used glass bottles. {Wine bottles work well.} 
  • Wash off any stickers and dry.
  • Choose an outside or well ventilated space for your project.
  • Start by spray painting each bottle with white spray paint. Let dry at least 20 minutes.
  • Apply the orange spray paint next, leaving the tops of each bottle white.
  • Let dry at least 20 minutes and follow up the the yellow spray paint at the bottom.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - DIY Candy Corn Spray Painted Bottles

Candy Corn DIY Bottles - DIY Halloween Ideas

Add fresh flowers to make a Fall centerpiece, or line them up on a windowsill or mantel. I think they look adorable all by themselves. What do you think?


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** photos by me 


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