Boca Brights | And An Amazing Night

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. We are soaking up the sun in Boca, and taking the relaxation part of our vacation very seriously. Lot’s of beach time, pool time, lounge time and eating. Yes, lots of eating. Here are a couple of snapshots – Boca Brights – from our stay so far. I love pink hotels, bright pink bougainvillea, turquoise umbrellas and aqua fresh pools.

Boca Brights - Bougainvillea

Boca Brights - Aqua Fresh

Boca Raton Resort - Boca Brights

Poolside - Boca Brights

Anyway, aside from our fun filled days, we did happen to stumble upon an amazing thing last night. We were taking a walk on the beach and witnessed a large sea turtle emerge from the ocean, make it’s way up the beach and start laying eggs. Every year we come vacation here, and this is the first time we have seen this extraordinary sighting. We have visited Gumbo Limbo {a nature center with sea turtle conservation} a couple of times in past years. Now, I am completely obsessed with learning more about the sea turtles and their egg laying process. It’s really something.

From Gumbo Limbo, “Sea turtle nesting season in South Florida is March 1st through October 31st each year. Every morning at sunrise, Dr. Kirt Rusenko and his staff of Marine Turtle Specialist survey Boca Raton’s five mile stretch of beach to look for turtle tracks made the night before. Once a turtle track is located, Marine Turtle Specialists determine what species was responsible (leatherback, loggerhead, or green).”

Have you ever seen a sea turtle nesting? I’d love to hear your story.

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photos by laura trevey

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