12 Genius Packing Hacks You Need To Know

We leave for our Summer vacation to Grand Cayman tomorrow! Woo hoo! This coming week I will be instagramming and blogging about the beautiful colors of the Caribbean, so stay tuned. But before we go, there is the packing. Have you ever scraped your fingers by reaching in your toiletry bag and getting a cut from your razor? I have. Have you ever opened up your toiletry bag once you reached the hotel, and your shampoo has exploded onto everything else? This has definitely happened to me more than a couple of times. Here are some genius packing hacks that will make your packing and traveling experience much easier! Shop the latest in essential travel accessories and carry on luggage below. Updated 8/5/18.

Packing hacks you need to know

12 Genius Packing Hacks You May Not Know About

1. Prevent finger scrapes from your razor by clipping a large binder clip over the razor blade.
2. Don’t you hate it when your shampoo explodes in your toiletries bag? Take the tops off of your bottles, wrap a cut square of saran wrap over the top, then place the cap back on securely. This will prevent those unwanted spills.
3. Thread your necklaces through straws to prevent tangling.
4. Place your jewelry in between two press n seal sheets to keep everything in place.
5. Store cords and cables in a glasses case.
6. How To Prevent Your Shirt From Wrinkles? Lay clothing inside dry cleaning bags.
7. Roll your clothes instead of folding. This is a real space saver.
8. Wrap a shower cap around your shoes to keep everything else clean. If space is an issue, utilize the empty space inside your shoes for rolled up socks and other small items.
9. Place your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase. They are most likely the heaviest item to pack, and you don’t want your luggage to be top heavy and tip over.
10. All of the luggage looks the same at the terminal? No need to wonder which bag is yours. Tie a colorful ribbon or old scarf around yours so it’s easy to spot at the carousel.
11. Protect breakables such as glass fragrance bottles by slipping them into socks before packing them.
12. Store your bobby pins inside an old Tic Tac box to easily keep track of them.

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Packing Hacks and Travel Accessories

Packing Hacks - Store Bobby Pins in Tic Tac Box

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