6 Tips To Host An Outdoor Graduation Party!

Last night, we helped throw a graduation party for our daughter and three of her friends. It was a magical night. Everything was perfect, from the cooperating weather {thank goodness} to the inviting and festive atmosphere.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

6 Tips To Host An Outdoor Graduation Party

Here are some tips from our outdoor graduation party that you can keep in mind when planning yours.

1. The Venue: Take it outdoors! We were lucky enough to have a riverside location for our venue. It was absolutely beautiful. Thank goodness the weather cooperated for us. In case of rain, there was a large covered pavilion which was where we served the food.

Outdoor Graduation Party Tips

2. Provide games: For high school graduates, especially the guys, providing games or an activity is always a good idea to get the party started. We had several corn hole games scattered on the grounds which kept everyone entertained.

Corn Hole - Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

3. The Playlist: The girls hosting the party got together the day before to make their playlist. Believe me, they would not have wanted the parents to be in charge of this job.

4. Let them eat cake: The cake was amazing, complete with the kids high school logo in school colors. Around the cake, we also served M&M’s in school colors to match.

graduation party cake ideas

School Colored M&M's - Graduation Party

5. Easy drink station: The easier the better. We served lemonade in 2 drink dispensers, and had three large beverage tubs filled with cokes and water bottles.

Easy Lemonade Drink Station Set Up

6. Add torches: The TIKI Brand torches we placed along the perimeter of the yard were a hit! Not only did they create a fun and festive atmosphere, but the citronella helped to keep the bugs away, which was a lifesaver!

TIKI Brand torches

TIKI Brand Table Torch

It looks as if everyone had a great time! What do you think? I’d say these guys are ready to graduate!!

Best Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

And Then You Need Something To Wear!

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** photography by laura trevey

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