The Courage Wall

I saw a story about The Courage Wall on the Today Show this morning and had to share.  So, what is “The Courage Wall”? Nancy Belmont, a leadership coach in Alexandria, Virginia decided to put up a giant blackboard and ask people to answer the question, “If I had the courage, I would…” on the board. The board filled up immediately with people’s hopes and dreams. How inspiring! I’m such a believer of writing your intentions down. Once you put your goal down on paper, you have validated it. Then, once you share your goal with others, you have now held yourself accountable to try to achieve that goal. It really works. I find myself, as I am writing this, wondering what I would write on the wall. I am also just as curious about what my children would want to write on the wall. My goal as a mother is to teach them many things, but at the top of the list is to put your fears aside, take risks and dream big. Opportunities are everywhere, you just have to be open to taking them when they are presented to you. You’ve heard it many times, “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Maybe the reason you have heard this over and over, is because it’s true. So, let me ask you one question, “If you had the courage, what would you do”? Whatever that may be, write it down. And if you are really courageous, take the next step and share it with others.

Follow Your Intuition - Take The Risk | The Courage Wall

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The Courage Wall

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