8 Ways To Brighten Your Room

It’s time to lighten up and brighten up. Here are 8 ways to brighten your room in a cost effective way.

8 ways to brighten up your room

Lighten Up!

When Spring rolls around each year, I’m ready to brighten up my rooms and let the sunshine in. I have found that these updates do not need to be major ones. With a few simple and cost-effective changes, renew and refresh your dark and dreary rooms to become lighter and brighter spaces you love! Here are 8 ways to get started. Some of them are so simple, you will say, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that!”

1. Houseplants

Add a plant to your room. Houseplants bring nature indoors with color and texture, and they can be surprisingly easy to maintain. It’s hard to kill a spider plant or ivy, so if your don’t have a green thumb, choose a low maintenance plant such as those. Potted plants or hanging baskets are great additions to your kitchen and family room.

2. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Wall mirrors reflect the light around the room, and give the space more depth. Add a mirror or even a collage of small mirrors to create an artful display on your wall.

3. A New Coat

Nothing perks up a room like a fresh coat of paint. A new paint job changes the color of the room, and also covers up old scratches, and nail holes.  A nice light neutral color will brighten things up.

4. Let the Light In

If privacy is not an issue, pick  sheer curtains to let the light shine in. Raising your curtain rods higher also allows for maximum light through your windows.

5. Change Your Accessories

There are so many little updates you can do to refresh your space. Replace area rugs for lighter colored ones. Swap out dark colored throw pillows for seasonal brighter decorative pillows. Add brightly colored home decor items to give your tables and bookshelves for a pop of color.

6. Rearrange Your Furniture

Create your center of attention around a large bay window or open area with lots of lighting. Use plenty of table lamps instead of relying on overhead lights as well.  I love to see how my living room furniture looks in different ways. Experiment, and try something new and unexpected.

7. Remove Your Screens

Since our son suffers from allergies, we rarely open our windows. We removed the screens on all windows in the front of our home. It really makes a difference and brightens up the room.

8. Add Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in a pretty vase make everything brighter! Especially in Spring and Summer, I love to clip fresh flowers from our backyard garden and arrange them in a glass vase. They bring a smile to my face.

photo: sun room – home tour by laura trevey

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