Bookshelf Styling Ideas

I am fascinated with bookshelf styling, and I have been taking note of the bookshelves that catch my attention. You can tell a lot about a person just by the way they style a bookcase. Every trinket and book tells a story, and usually has some personal meaning to the family. Take a look at your bookshelf today. What story does it tell about you? Are there items you would like to add?  Here are some tips to make your bookcases stand out with style.

bookshelf styling ideas

Bookshelf Styling Ideas

1. Upfront Frame: Break the rules and display coordinating frames both in and on your bookcase. This bold move adds an element of chic design, but also creates a room that feels lived-in. You can use the same color frame as the ones on the shelf, or mix and match. Whatever feels right to you.

2. Monochromatic Color Scheme: Group items in similar colors for a simple yet sophisticated look. This collection of white ceramic collectibles works wonderfully against the natural wooden cabinet.

bookshelf styling ideas and tips

3. Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere by filling those bookshelves completely with books. This rustic look suggests a comfortable lived-in farmhouse feel.

floor to ceiling books

4. Paint The Back Of The Bookcase: Paint the backs of your bookcases. A darker color really showcases the items on the shelf.

bookshelf styling ideas

5. Visual Diary From Your Travels:  Packing your shelves with an array of worldly items from your travels adds interest and sparks conversation. Bring back a souvenir from each trip and your bookshelf will begin to resemble a visual diary.

6. Unique and Eclectic: Group your favorite books and knick-knacks together, but avoid overfilling your shelf to create a light and airy display. Make each grouping an interesting stand -alone vignette.  Add family photos,boxes, jars and tins and your favorite decorative bowls. Use plate stands to display items vertically.

8. Mix and Match: Fill your bookshelves with art, family portraits, brass accents and favorite collections of pretty bowls and vases.

bookshelf styling ideas

9. House Plants: Add color and dimension with houseplants: Incorporate fresh flowers, succulents and potted plants to your display.

bookshelf styling ideas and tips

10. Bookends: There are so many stylish these days. From modern to antique bookends, make a statement on either side of your cherished books.

Whether your style is modern or traditional, apply some of these tips to your own shelves. The main tip is to have fun and display items that have meaning and value to you. Shop new paintings to add some color to your space.

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