The Easiest DIY Spring Arrangement Hack

I’ve got the easiest DIY Spring arrangement hack to show you using a water bottle. I’m sure you’ve seen the trick where you put the smaller vase of flowers inside the larger vase full of candy. Right? Well, I picked up some white tulips at the store today, because I’m wishing Spring to hurry up and get here. I decided that I would try this flower arrangement idea, but I could not find a small vase to use. I had a large mason jar, and I was looking for something to fit inside of the jar to hold the tulips. As I was drinking from a water bottle, I thought ah ha! I can repurpose my water bottle to use as the small vase!

DIY Spring Tulip Arrangement - Water Bottle Hack

The Easiest DIY Spring Arrangement Hack

Materials Needed:

water bottle
white tulips {or flower of choice}
seasonally colored candy
large mason jar

Using your scissors, cut off the top of the water bottle right above the wrapper. If you use a large mason jar, the water bottle height should be slightly shorter than the mason jar.

At an angle, cut the tulips stems at the desired length.

Fill the water bottle half way with warm water, and gently drop in the mason jar.

Holding the bottle secure, fill around the bottle with your candy.

Place your tulips in the bottle, inside the jar.

Enjoy on your kitchen counter or side table. Better yet, give one to a friend and make their day!

DIY Flower Arrangement Hack | Water Bottle
DIY Spring Arrangement Hack - Water Bottle


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