DIY Map Letters Tutorial

Don’t discard those travel maps quite yet. Make these fun DIY Map Letters. The whole family can take part in this super easy Summer craft project. Spell out your favorite destination or a place at the top of your bucket list. Display as wall art or create a vignette on a bookshelf with other cherished items from your trip.

DIY Map Letters Tutorial | Bright Bold and Beautiful

DIY Map Letters Tutorial

Materials Needed

  • wood letters
  • maps
  • modge podge
  • foam brush
  • scissors
  • newspaper or craft paper
  • pen

Crafts with Maps Steps

Step 1 Place newspaper or craft paper over your work surface.

Step 2 Lay one letter on top of your map. With a pen, trace around the letter.

Step 3 Cut around the letter 1 inch out from the traced line.

Step 4 Using your foam brush, cover the top and sides of the letter with modge podge.

Step 5 Carefully place the cut out map on the letter. Lightly press over top of the map with your hand, and smooth out any wrinkles. Fold the map edges over the letter. Brush more modge podge on both sides and edges until letter is completely covered and map is secure.

Step 6 Let dry and repeat with rest of letters. Have fun!

DIY Map Letters Step by Step Tutorial
DIY Maps Letters - How To Make Tutorial
DIY Maps Letters Tutorial - Step by Step
DIY Maps Letters - Craft Ideas with Maps
DIY Map Letters Tutorial - Step by Step Instructions
DIY Map Letters Tutorial
DIY Map Letters | Step by Step Instructions
DIY Map Letters Tutorial | Step by Step | Bright Bold and Beautiful

Now it’s your turn! What destination is on your bucket list?

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** DIY tutorial, photos and styling by Laura Trevey 

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