DIY : 4 Ways To Make Floral Crowns with Martha Stewart

Are you wanting to channel your inner hippie self for festival season and learn how to make floral crowns? Here are 4 ways to rock floral crowns and #SavorSummer with Martha Stewart. We had so much fun making ours with real flowers. Follow these guidelines as a starting point. The beauty is that each one is unique and different. We actually named our crowns: Boho chic, Soft and Romantic, Wild for Color and a Sweet Surprise. We’ve listed the types of flowers we used for each one to give you some ideas for your own. We hope these will inspire you to make your own and post on Instagram. There are prizes to win and you may just be featured on Martha Stewart! Details below.

DIY | Make Floral Crowns 4 Ways

DIY : 4 Ways To Make Floral Crowns with Martha Stewart

How To Make Floral Crowns with Real Flowers

How to Make Floral Crowns Tutorial

How to Make Floral Crowns : Materials and Tools

To make floral crowns yourself, all you need are the following materials.

  • oasis floral tape
  • covered floral wire
  • floral shears and wire cutters
  • flowers and greenery of choice


  • Wrap the covered floral wire around your head to get the right circumference. Cut and attach the ends to make a ring out of the wire. Double it for extra strength.
  • Cut your pieces of greenery and flowers to desired lengths. Place a flower on top of the wire ring and wrap together with floral tape. Add a second flower on top of the first flower stem, and wrap with floral tape. Repeat until your ring is full of blooms.

  • The floral wire is nice to use if you don’t want to fill your crown with flowers all the way around.

4 Ways to Rock that Floral Crown  

1. Boho Chic – mainly greens: tree fern, myrtle and broom corn

DIY - How to Make Floral Crowns

Boho Chic Floral Crown - How to Make

2. Wild for Color – zinnias, sunflowers, myrtle and tree fern

How to Make Floral Crowns - materials needed

DIY Floral Crowns - Wild About Color

Make Floral Crowns 4 Ways

Make Floral Crowns | DIY 4 Ways

3. Soft and Romantic – green tea roses, pink alstromaria, myrtle, tree fern, wax flower


Soft and Romantic floral crowns Soft and Romantic - How to Make Floral Crowns How to Make Rose Floral Crowns DIY Floral Crowns tutorial

4. A Sweet Surprise – the white hydrangea and purple one : lime light hydrangea, broom corn

lime light hydrangea, broom corn

Hydrangea Floral Crown


So there you have it! I hope I have inspired you to #SavorSummer and make your own floral crowns! Post your crown and share it on Instagram using #SavorSummer and tag @lauratrevey @marthastewart so we can like and regram.

Follow the hashtag #SavorSummer for lots of inspiring summer crafts and projects and visit the Savor Summer page at Martha Stewart which is packed with lots of cool craft ideas.

DIY floral crowns with real flowers

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** Photos by Laura Trevey at the home of Mary Mason Wood

** Flowers and Design by Sarah Pollard Chiffriller

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