Decorated Clay Pots

Since I’m ready for Spring, I decided to decorate some clay pots. Fresh herbs in my windowsill makes me happy.

Decorated Clay Pots

Here’s how to make decorated clay pots to get ready for Spring.

How To Make Decorated Clay Pots

Decorated Clay Pots – What you need:

Clay pots. I used 6″ clay pots.
Martha Stewart Crafts Gesso – white
Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint – Beetle Black
Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Finish
Chalkboard Stickers
Chalk marker – I used Craft Smart broad tip – white

Decorated Clay Pots – Instructions:

Martha Stewart Crafts Gesso Primer

1. Using a dry paintbrush, lightly brush white gesso around the outside of the pot, below the rim. Brush lightly and add layers, letting each layer dry in between. If you like the distressed look (as seen here), apply a light coat of each allowing some of the clay color to come through.

2. Repeat the same technique for the rim of the pot using Beetle Black Paint.

3. Seal with Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Finish.

4. Using your marker, write your herb tags and attach your stickers to your pots.

Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint Beetle Black

Decorated Clay Pots with Chalkboard Labels

How to Make Decorated Clay Pots for Spring


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Photos by Laura Trevey for Bright Bold and Beautiful.

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