How To Make Your Own Photo Booth Fun

Because of social media, photo booths have never been more popular. Some high tech versions allow you to send your photo straight to your email, twitter or facebook accounts. However, if you are having a girl’s night out, a holiday party, or want to just take some silly photos with your kids, make your own. I have a few tips for making your photos pop.

How To Make your own Photo Booth

Here’s how to make your own photo booth fun.

What we used:

A white tablecloth
Natural light.
A tripod

How To Make Your Own Photo Booth


Yesterday, my kids were out of school again because of the snow. I took this as an opportunity to do something together, that they would think is really fun. Hmmm, let’s see. Teenage girls like music, dressing up and taking pictures. That’s it, I was making an impromptu photo booth. They thought it was a great idea! I hung a white tablecloth on my pegboard in my office using bulldog clips and s-hooks. Any backdrop will do. For this event, we used a shower curtain. My office gets a lot of natural light, so it was the perfect spot. I raised the blinds to get as much light pouring in as possible.

How To Make Your Own Photo Booth Fun

Next, I positioned my tripod and camera across the room. If you have a DSLR, here’s a tip I learned from Wendy and Tyler Whitacre of Blue Lily at Alt Summit. Turn your setting to manual mode, set your aperature, and then adjust the shutter speed until the dial gets to 0. (Aperature controls how much light gets in.) If your room is too dark and you want the photos a little brighter, find the “magic button” or ISO. Change the ISO higher to make it brighter.

Valentine Photo Booth Fun

If you don’t have a tripod, rest your camera on something stable and at the best height for your subjects. Also, if your camera has a timer on it, use it. Get in the picture.

Photo Booth - Make Your Own

Very important, don’t forget the tunes! Crank the music and see what happens. In our house it was lots of dancing and lots of laughs!

Make Your Own Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth Fun

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

We even convinced Sam, my husband, to jump in.

Valentine's Day Photos - Photo Booth

Valentine Photo Booth Props


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