4 Organizing Tips for Office Supplies

Our life is a balancing act. We are all juggling between home and work, and trying to find that happy place where both are stable. For me, I am a much happier person in my home life if my work space is at peace, instead of looking like a demolition site. I’m still in the de-clutter phase. Here are 4 organizing tips for office supplies I am working on this week to get the job done. 2014 is going to be my year to be more organized. If my work space is orderly, I am much more productive. How about you?

Organizing Tips for Home Office Supplies

4 Organizing Tips for Office Supplies

Organizing Tips for Office Supplies

Organize Supplies in Desk Drawer

1. Use desk drawer organizers. Sort your paper clips, thumb tacks, staples and rubber bands.

2. Keep your pens, scissors and a ruler out in the open for easy access.

3. Organize your shipping and craft supplies.. Keep your glitter, stickers and stamps, washi tape, stick glue and other craft supplies in a designated box and label.

4. Use your wall space. Hang and post important “things to do” on bulletin boards. Keep extra push pins and clips on the boards ready.

Tips to Organize Your Office Supplies

Craft Supply Storage Box

4 Organizing Tips for Office Supplies

Search Organization for more bright ideas for your home, and get organizing! Let’s make 2014 a productive year.

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