3 Easy DIY Favors to Ring in 2014!

If you like to entertain on New Year’s Eve, I have come up with 3 Easy DIY Favors to Ring in 2014! Don’t let your guests leave the party empty handed. Give them a little inspiration and/or a sweet surprise as they head out the door and into the New Year.

3 DIY Party Favors to Ring in 2014 - Easy DIY Favors

3 Easy DIY Favors to Ring in 2014!

1. Print your own candy wrappers with a custom saying – “Make 2014 is a sweet one!”

What you need:

Hershey Candy Bars
White Copy Paper
Printer or Markers

Instructions: Hand write or Print the saying “Make 2014 a Sweet One!” on your copy paper. I print out 2 sayings per page. Cut and wrap the paper around each candy bar. Tape the back, and that’s it!

New Years Eve Party Favors Ideas

2. Spell out 2014 with envelopes on a blank wall.

What You Need:
White Envelopes
Gold and Silver Spray Paint or Spray Glitter


Use party favors as decor. Decorate the fronts of your envelopes with spray glitter or metallic spray paint. {You can also use colored envelopes to skip this step}. Tape the envelopes to a blank wall spelling out the year “2014”. As each guest leaves, they take an envelope from the wall – with an inspirational message inside. Customize the quotes to fit your guest list. You can make these serious and motivational, or funny.

Glitter Envelopes - NYE Party Favors

2014 NYE Party Favors

3. Chinese Take Out Boxes with a 2014 message.

What You Need:

Chinese take out boxes – available at most craft stores.
Slips of paper with handwritten fortunes for 2014
Hershey’s Kisses
Confetti or tissue paper


Fill each take out box with glitter, confetti or tissue paper. Drop in some sweet treats such as silvery Hershey’s kisses and their fortune for the New Year!

Easy DIY Favors - New Years Eve party favors

Happy New Year Favors 2014

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