Gold Dipped Mason Jars

Create these gold dipped mason jars, and let your home sparkle this holiday season! Here is an easy DIY holiday project using FrogTape Textured Surface and glitter paint. With just a few materials, I created a glowing vignette with an added touch of shimmer and shine. See how easy it is to deck out your mason jars using FrogTape® and glitter paint.

Gold Dipped Mason Jars

Gold Dipped Mason Jars

What you need:

FrogTape Textured Surface
3 mason jars
kraft paper or newsprint
glitter spray paint

What You Need | Gold Dipped Mason Jars


I love using mason jars for just about everything. However, with the uneven surface of the glass, it’s hard to create painted straight lines. Here comes FrogTape to the rescue. I had this new textured surface solution for another project, but thought it would come in handy to paint my mason jars.

FrogTape Textured Surface
FrogTape Textured Surface Solution

  • Apply the FrogTape® and kraft paper to cover the area you do not want painted.
  • Firmly run a damp cloth along the tape’s edge. FrogTape® is pretreated with PaintBlock and this will activate the seal.
  • Shake the bottle and remove the cap. Attach the brush applicator and apply the edge sealer along the sides of the tape. Let dry 15 minutes before painting.
  • Take the mason jars outside and spray the gold glitter paint on the exposed glass area of each jar. Repeat after a few minutes. Let dry completely before removing the tape.

DIY Gold Dipped Mason Jars

To make a sparkling vignette, that smells divine – fill each jar with fresh coffee beans. I just picked up from Christmas Blend at Fresh Market, and the whole room is filled with this festive scent. I purchased some poured in glass votives, and placed those in the coffee beans. Enjoy!

DIY Coffee Bean Votives

About FrogTape® Textured Surface: This fast and easy solution combines patented FrogTape® painters tape with the innovative paintblock edge sealer to seal the edges of the tape, delivering sharp paint lines on most textured surfaces.

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Concept, styling and photos by laura trevey

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