3 DIY Organizing Solutions for Your Home

Now is the time to declutter and get your home organized for the New Year. Here are 3 simple DIY organizing solutions for your home to get organized and stay organized.

3 DIY Organizing Solutions for Your Home

1. DIY Organizing Solutions | Stop the Cord Chaos

Stop the Cord Chaos

What you need: washi tape, toilet paper rolls, chargers and extension cords

Instructions: For your extension cords, collect several toilet paper rolls and decorate them with colorful washi tape. Place each extension cord inside a separate roll. Label and store all together in a bucket for an easy storage solution. No more tangles.

For your chargers, claim them with washi tape! Are you constantly searching for your phone chargers? Claim your own with washi tape. Make sure everyone in the family claims their cord with a different design. Ahh, the cord chaos is resolved.

Claim Your Cords - 3 DIY Organizing Solutions

2. DIY Organizing Solutions | Pegboards

Pegboard Ideas | 3 Easy DIY Organizing Solutions for your Home

What Your need: Pegboard {any size}

Instructions: If you are running out of storage space, add a pegboard for an easy DIY organizing solution. For the office: I hang everything on my pegboard in my home office. I use S hooks and bulldog clips to hang calendars, to do lists, etc. For the Kitchen, pegboards are great for hanging your pots and pans too. For the closet: Hang a pegboard to store your scarves, belts and shoe organizers.

3. DIY Organizing Solutions | Jewelry Organizers

3 Easy DIY Storage Solutions | Bracelet Holders

What you need: Decorative Bowls and Recycled Bottles

Instructions: For your bracelets, recycle a couple of glass bottles to make a bracelet holder. Use thin enough bottles for your bracelets to fit around and display them on your dresser. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is true.  If you can see your bracelets, you will remember to wear them. It’s a win win. Recycle, organize and use what your purchased.

Organize your necklaces and earrings in your favorite decorative bowls. Whether you display them on a dresser or place them in a drawer, this DIY solution will keep your jewelry sorted and untangled.

3 Easy DIY Organizing Solutions

Search Organization for more bright ideas for your home, and get organizing!

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