Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Happy Friday everyone! I have an easy DIY for the weekend: Make Your Own Advent Calendar. I love creating fun little games and things to do with the family. Last year we created these adorable boxes filled with surprises. Everyone loved opening up the boxes each morning. I can’t wait to do it again this year. See how below and happy holiday weekend.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

What You Need:

25 small boxes
a Sharpie pen
Twisty Ties
Little surprises to fit inside the boxes

What to Do:

Fill each box with small treats and surprises. These can be inspirational sayings and quotes for the holidays on pieces of paper, small candies and whatever else you can fit inside these tiny boxes. Use your sharpie to number each of the boxes from 1-25. Place your boxes straight in a line if you like order, or scatter them about with confetti, candies or whatever you have on hand.


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photography by laura trevey

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