4 Easy DIY Holiday Centerpieces

In a rush and you have company coming? No problem. Looking for something different? No problem. Try one of these easy DIY holiday centerpieces. Enjoy and happy weekend!

4 Easy DIY Holiday Centerpieces

DIY Candle Pot Trio

Decorate your kitchen island with a candle pot trio.

white poinsettia blooms

Place individual poinsettia blooms in silver bud vases and arrange on a mirrored tray.

4 Easy DIY Holiday Centerpieces

For an easy citrus holiday arrangement, all you need are oranges and limes mixed with holly leaves, boxwood and red Nandina berries.

apple boxwood topiary centerpiece

This apple tree topiary is a festive and easy DIY project to make when entertaining. Apples and boxwood clippings make for a beautiful red and green centerpiece.


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