DIY Orange Clove Pomanders

The guests are coming, the guests are coming! If you love citrus, try these DIY orange clove pomanders. They will fill the air with a festive scent for the holidays. Whether you are entertaining friends or just having a family gathering, place a bowl with these fragrant fruits in any room. Pomanders can be made with most any fruit, but I love the sweet smell of oranges the best.

DIY Orange Clove Pomanders

DIY Orange Clove Pomanders

Orange Clove Pomanders


  • oranges
  • whole cloves
  • toothpick or nail {optional}
  • a bowl
  • holly leaves {optional}

Oranges and Cloves


Take your cloves and poke them right into the orange. If you prefer, take a toothpick or nail and puncture holes in the orange. A ball point pen works well too. Once you have pierced the skin of the orange, place a clove in each hole. Repeat with as many cloves as desired. You can place the cloves at random, or make pretty patterns. I chose to arrange my cloves to make the word JOY. What patterns do you like to make? Let me know in the comments below. Cheers!

DIY Pomanders

JOY oranges

DIY Orange Pomanders

DIY Holiday

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Happy Holidays from Bright Bold and Beautiful

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photos by laura trevey

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