Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Autumn Look

Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Autumn Look
‘Tis the season for us to trade in our iced coffees for pumpkin spice lattes. Autumn is finally here – a time when we decorate with red, gold and amber, embrace Halloween, and indulge in baking some of our favorite festive treats. Many of us swap out our welcome mats for a more seasonal choice, but don’t forget to “Fall-ify” your kitchen.  After all, this room is a common area of your home in which your friends and family meet up, so make sure to give it a personable, welcoming vibe. Follow these tips and tricks to embrace the autumn season in your happy cooking place.

Fresh Autumn Look

Be inspired by nature
Leaves and pinecones are a great way to decorate the kitchen during this time of year. Create beautiful centerpieces out of leaves, pinecones and other natural elements for your counter top and table.

Follow a color scheme
Did you know that warmer colors like red, yellow and orange invigorate appetite? Fall’s palette generally runs hot and can be overwhelming when presented in large quantities but, when handled with tact, can make any kitchen engaging and inviting. Incorporate darker shades for a romantic elegance. Brown is an earthy tone that wonderfully calms the most audacious of colors, and plums will balance bright pigments while adding a hint of mystery.

Pinecones and Candles

Create a seasonal aroma
The scent of the fall season is enough to make you feel warm inside, so why not bring it into your home? I light a candle every day in the afternoon to keep a sweet autumn scent in the air. Yankee Candle released their new Fall collection, including fragrances like cozy sweater, pumpkin wreath, and November rain. Candle accessories are also a great way to keep on decorating.

pumpkin muffins

Outside of candles, keep the autumn aroma in the air through cooking. We just made our first batch of pumpkin muffins this season. Oh so good! We stock up on the ingredients, because these muffins go fast around here. Also, are you familiar with Belgique cookware, available at ShopHQ? They offer complete sets of cookware so you have pots and pans for any recipe. Always have a pie dish available, whether you’re baking for your family or neighbors. Emile Henry’s ruffled pie dish even comes in maroon and brown at Williams-Sonoma.

Use signage
Words brighten my day. Autumn allows a lot of leeway for decorative art in the home. You can either find pre-made wall art at retailer, like Pier1 Imports or make a DIY project out of your kitchen revamp. With delightful color choices, decorate a piece of canvas or wood with sayings like, “Welcome Autumn.” You can even lay a rustic chalkboard against the counter and create a menu for your family that details all of the tasty apple and pumpkin treats you’ll be making this season.

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