DIY Glitter Candles

Do you love gold glitter as much as I do? I have the easiest project ever for you to try, DIY glitter candles. I created this table setting with gold accents, and white candles. The candles looked so Plain Jane before I decided to paint a thin line of glitter around the top of them. Now, the candles sparkle and shine, adding an extra element of holiday to the table setting. See below for the “easiest ever” instructions.

DIY Glitter Candles

DIY Glitter Candles

Seriously, all you need is a white pillar candle, glitter paint {I used Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface acrylic craft paint in sunstone gold glitter}, masking tape and a paint brush. That’s it.

Martha Stewart Crafts | Glitter and Paint Brushes

I poured the glitter acrylic craft paint into a small glass dish and mixed it well. The consistency of the paint is translucent. It enhances your product with a shimmery glow, instead of covering or blocking out. This subtle effect is what I was going for.

Martha Stewart Crafts | Glitter Acrylic Craft Paint

Make a straight line around your candle with your masking tape. Leave room at the top for your glitter paint. Then apply your glitter paint.

DIY Glitter Candles | Glitter Craft Paint

Holiday Table Setting | Picture Frame Centerpiece

I made glitter dipped pinecones for place cards for even more sparkle. Also, do you notice anything unusual? Yes, you are not seeing things. I wanted the table top to be filled with gilded gold, so I used some empty frames as part of my centerpiece! I am not exactly sure how I thought of that idea, it just popped into my head. More about that later. Have fun glittering!

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