How To Make a Lamp from a Vase

I have been wanting to know How To Make a Lamp from a Vase for a while now. So, I decided to try it. See below for a step by step tutorial and find out just how easy it is. I chose this geometric shaped vase to make into a lamp. For an added modern accent, I found an acrylic square base. So cool!

How To Make a Lamp from a Vase

How To Make Lamp Kit and Materials

How To Make a Lamp from a Vase | Materials

  • I purchased the Westinghouse Make a Lamp Kit at Home Depot.
  • For my lamp I chose a 9″ Lamp Harp. Choose a height that will be in proportion with your vase.
  • To attach the base and for stability, we bought the Westinghouse All-Thread Lamp Pipe Kit.
  • A base for your vase. (optional)
  • a 3/8″ glass and tile bit and drill
  • Wrench and screw driver
  • Your vase of choice.

How To Make a Lamp from a Vase Instructions

How To Make a Lamp from a Vase | Instructions

  • Select an appropriate vase with a stable base or choose an additional base for the bottom.
  • We wanted the cord to exit from the bottom, so we selected a base which allowed for that.
  • We measured and marked the center of the base.
  • Using a 3/8″ drill bit, we made a hole in the bottom of our vase.
  • Using the pipe kit, we secured our acrylic base to the vase. Detailed instructions in the kit.
  • You may need to cut the pipe rod or use neck pieces to cover the threaded rod at the top of the vase.
  • The kit comes with several different adapters to choose from. These are rubber stoppers, for lack of a better word, that close the top opening in your vase. If your vase has a wider opening, we did find other options at Shades of Light, a lighting store.
  • Next, we attached the lamp harp.
  • We put the socket cap on and threaded the wire from the base and up through the pipe to the top of the vase. We made an underwriter’s knot with the wire, and attached the appropriate wires to the terminal screws. Once we had the wires attached, we gently pulled the wire from the bottom of the base to make it tight and secure.
  • We then placed the socket interior and shell over the lamp socket cap until it locked securely into place. For additional clarification, follow the diagram along with directions on the back of the Make a Lamp Kit.
  • We added a light bulb and shade, and voila! We made a lamp!

How To Make  Lamp From a Vase Video

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