DIY Projects | Creative Watercolor Cards

For today’s DIY Projects post, I am sharing an easy way to make creative watercolor cards. I still believe in the handwritten note. And a handmade handwritten note is even better! All you need to make these fun cards are some watercolors, blank greeting cards and masking fluid. This stuff is awesome! You can purchase it at any craft store in the art section.

DIY Projects | Creative Watercolor Cards

DIY Projects | How to Make Watercolor Cards with Masking Fluid

DIY Projects | Watercolor Cards | Bright Bold and Beautiful

In order to show you the process, I made a quick one minute video on imovie. Have any of you ever used imovie? It’s really amazing! Anyway, don’t judge me, this is my first attempt. But you will probably be seeing more videos on Bright Bold and Beautiful because I had so much fun making the first one.

DIY Projects | Materials Needed:

  • blank white greeting cards
  • masking fluid
  • watercolor paints
  • paintbrush and water bowl
  • paper towels or cloth

DIY Craft Project with Masking Fluid

DIY Projects | Watercolor Cards Instructions

  • With your masking fluid, decorate your cards. Keep it simple with polka dots, your initials, or write out the word “thank you”
  • Let the masking fluid dry completely.
  • Paint over the card with a watercolor wash.
  • Let the paint dry completely.
  • Now, the fun part! Remove the masking fluid with your fingers (see video demo).
  • Voila! You have your handmade card.
  • Make several at the same time, and you will have “thank you” notes on hand when you need them. Enjoy!

DIY Crafts Video  | Masking Fluid

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